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hunan neptune pump

In oil production, refining, related petrochemical industries, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and product oil pipeline, we have been supplying the pumping solutions with safety and reliability.
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    Vertical Fire Pump

    Vertical Fire Pump from NEP are designed as NFPA 20.

    Capacity up to 5000m³/h

    Head up to 370m

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    Horizontal split-case fire pump

    Every pump is subjected to a thorough inspection and a series of tests to ensure that it meets the required specifications before leaving the factory. NEP also designs Offshore Fire pump systems with CCS.

    Capacity up to 3168m³/h

    Head up to 140m 

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    Vertical Turbine Pump

    Vertical turbine pumps have the motor located above installation base.It’s a specialized centrifugal pumps designed to move clear water, rain water ,water in iron sheet pits, sewage and seawater which is under 55℃ .Special design can be available for media with 150℃.

    Capacity 30 to 70000m³/h

    Head 5 to 220m

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    Pre-package pump system

    NEP pre-package pump system can be designed and manufactured to the requirement of the customer. These systems are cost effective, completely self-contained including fire pumps, drivers, control systems, pipework for ease installation.

    Capacity 30 to 5000m³/h

    Head 10 to 370m

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    Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

    Vertical mixed flow pump is a type of vane pump that the features are between centrifugal and axial flow pump, working under the combination of centrifugal force and thrust generated by the impeller rotation, and the direction of liquid out of impeller inclined to axis.

    Capacity 600-70000m³/h

    Head  4-70m 

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    Vertical sump pump

    This type of pumps are used to pump clean or lightly contaminated liquids, fibrous slurries and liquids containing large solids. It’s partial submersible pump with non-clogging design.

    Capacity  up to 270m³/h

    Head up to 54m