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hunan neptune pump

Services & Spare Parts


NEP always focuses on supplying the service with customer first, is ready to assist you in solving all your pumping requirements.

In NEP we offer the parts, service and training for complete pump units. We supply repair and maintenance service, spare parts, installation guidance on site, commissioning, and technical solution to ensure your equipment running efficiently and smoothly.

Design,Manufacturer Installation & Commissioning
 ●  Vibration and noise analysis
   Material recommendation
   Pump selection
   Performance testing
 ●  Dye penetrant examination
   Ultrasonic examination
   Hydraulic testing
   Static and dynamic balancing testing
After services
 ●  Repair, maintenance of pump station

Spare Parts

As one of leading pump manufacturers in China, NEP offers spare parts in addition to a range of premium pumps. Our spare parts are produced in accordance with the same standards, strictly performance inspection and quality management to ensure the precision and quality the same as new products.

NEP inherit the management concept with integritydedicationinnovationexcellence ,our aim is to supply the qualified and reliable products to our clients.

We provide a full range of spare parts and components, including:


      Casing    Shaft sleeves
      Casing covers    Impeller wear rings
      Bearing housing    Keys
   ●   Bearing cover    Bearings
      Coupling    O-rings 
      Impellers    Gaskets