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hunan neptune pump

News reprint : Fighting coronavirus , Hunan Neptune Pump in Action

Source:|Author:|release date:2020-03-30

Wisdom changsha February 10 news (changsha radio and television news center all media reporter liu zhe) one hand to prevent and control, one hand to promote all kinds of enterprises to resume production, changsha economic development zone precision measures, promote the production of enterprises at full capacity, to ensure the completion of the annual target task.

In the first half of this year, the enterprise Neptune pump in changsha economic development zone undertook the delivery task of "One Belt And One Road" and national key project products, with the order amount reaching more than 200 million yuan.In order to reduce the impact of the delayed resumption of work caused by the Coronavirus, as early as February 4, the company organized the return of production personnel on key tasks, until today, the company has fully resumed work.

The CEO of Hunan Neptune pump Ms.Red Zhou said, February and march, Hunan Neptune pump will have a batch of products were sent to the united Arab emirates, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and other countries , there is also a batch of products sent to China petrochemical and refining of national key projects, such as used for hydropower station or offshore oil platform construction.

News reprint : Fighting coronavirus , Hunan Neptune Pump in Action