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hunan neptune pump

Electric submersible seawater pump
QSD series bottom suction submersible pump, specially designed for shallow seawater.

Operation Limits

QSD series bottom suction submersible pump, specially designed for shallow seawater.

Operating Parameters

Capacity up to 8000m³/h

Head up to 277m 

Solid content ≤0.01%

Seawater temperature ≤30℃

Pump starting with total voltage or reduction voltage available, power supply:380V,460V,660V,1200V,3300V,

6300V, 50Hz or 60Hz.

With compact structure, corrosion resistant, less land occupation, noiseless and easy to realize auto control, and especially suitable for shallow water working conditions.

Consists of pump shaft, impeller, casing, suction bell, wear ring, check valve, intermediate flange and other parts ,fully apply to marine environment for firefighting, lifting water ,cooling and other purposes.


Multistage single suction centrifugal pump

Seawater lubrication bearing

Rigid coupling connection between pump and motor

Impeller design with high efficiency hydraulic model, save operation costs

Connected vertically between pump and motor, small installation space

Impeller fixation on shaft by stainless steel key

When using in seawater or similar corrosive liquid, the main material is normally nickel-aluminum bronze, Monel alloy or stainless steel

Design Feature

The distance of inlet to the sea bottom not less than 2m

The whole set of the pump should submerged in the depth not exceeding 70m to sea level

Anti-clockwise rotation viewed from above

Seawater speed on the motor surface ≥0.3m/s 

The inside of motor must be filled up with clean water, 35% coolant and 65%water in winter according to need

Motor structure 

The top of motor bearing assembled with mechanical seal and sand prevention ring is for prevent sand and other impurities enter into motor

Motor bearings are lubricated by clean water 

Stator windings are wound with polyethylene insulation nylon covered water resistant magnet winding

The top of motor have an inlet hole, vent hole, the bottom have a plug hole 

Thrust bearing with groove, withstand the pump’s upper and lower axial force

Electric submersible seawater pump