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Have a sincere dialogue with yourself and move forward through reflection—NEP Pump Industry holds annual management seminar

On the morning of Saturday, December 12 , 2020 , a unique management seminar was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of NEP Pump Industry. Managers at the company's supervisor level and above attended the meeting.

According to the meeting arrangement, the directors of each sector will first make speeches, starting from "What are my responsibilities and how effective is the performance of my duties?", "What are my team's goals and how are they being completed?", "How will we face 2021?" "Do things right the first time, implement goals, and achieve results?" and other themes, elaborated on job responsibilities, reviewed and summarized the work in 2020, and put forward respective ideas and measures to implement the 2021 goals. . Everyone was problem-oriented and conducted deep introspection with themselves as the object of analysis , and gained a deeper understanding of how to be a good middle-level person, improve execution, better implement the company's strategy, and promote corporate development. Subsequently, the meeting randomly selected three ministers and three supervisors to speak respectively , analyzing the shortcomings in the work and putting forward suggestions for improvement. The wonderful speeches received bursts of applause, and the atmosphere in the venue was warm and exciting.

General Manager Ms. Zhou Hong commented on the activity. She said, "If you use copper as a lesson, you can learn how to dress appropriately; if you use people as a lesson, you can know your gains and losses; if you use history as a lesson, you can know the ups and downs." Every progress of an enterprise is the result of continuous self-reflection, continuous summarization of experiences and lessons, and continuous improvement . Today's summary seminar is the first step for us to face 2021 and get off to a good start.

Mr. Zhou pointed out that cadres are the key to doing a good job in 2021. All managers must establish an awareness of the overall situation, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, lead by example, work hard, with improving efficiency and effectiveness as the core, and people and innovation as the two wings . , be market-oriented and customer-centered, strengthen problem-oriented thinking, face shortcomings, work hard on internal skills, enhance the company's core competitiveness, establish NEP's high-quality brand image in the market with advanced technology, excellent quality, and professional services, and achieve The enterprise develops with high quality and health.


Post time: Dec-16-2020