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NEP adds luster to ExxonMobil’s world-class chemical complex project

In September this year, NEP Pump added new orders from the petrochemical industry and won the bid for a batch of water pumps for the ExxonMobil Huizhou ethylene project. The order equipment includes 62 sets of industrial circulating water pumps, cooling circulating water pumps, fire pumps, rainwater pumps, etc. Recently, the equipment start-up meeting and pre-inspection meeting have been held respectively, and the relevant design data and quality inspection test plan have been approved by the general contractor and the owner. At present, the equipment has officially entered the production and manufacturing stage, and equipment delivery will be completed in the first half of 2023.

This project is a world-class chemical complex project with competitive advantages. It is a petrochemical project wholly owned by ExxonMobil, a world-renowned energy supplier and chemical product manufacturer, in China. The total investment is approximately US$10 billion. The main construction 1.6 million tons/year ethylene and other equipment. The general contractor is the well-known domestic Sinopec Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (SEI).

This project has extremely high requirements on equipment performance, safety and reliability, and is extremely strict on supply chain control, equipment process control and process data submission. The company will scientifically plan, further optimize product characteristics, strengthen process control, and become a world-class green petrochemical industry base. Provide products that are efficient, energy-saving, safe, reliable, and stable in operation.

Post time: Nov-14-2022