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NEP held a 2022 business plan publicity meeting

On the afternoon of January 4, 2022, NEP organized a 2022 business planning publicity meeting. All management personnel and overseas branch managers attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Ms. Zhou Hong, the company’s general manager, briefly summarized the work in 2021, and promoted and implemented the 2022 work plan from the aspects of strategic goals, business ideas, core goals, work ideas and measures. She pointed out: In 2021, with the joint efforts of all employees, various business indicators were successfully achieved. 2022 is a critical year for the development of enterprises. Under the impact of the epidemic and the more complex external environment, we must face up to the difficulties, work steadily, take the high-quality development of enterprises as the theme, and focus on the three aspects of "market, innovation, and management" The main line is to seize opportunities to increase market share and contract quality rate; insist on driving innovation and create a first-class brand; insist on excellence and comprehensively improve the quality of corporate economic operations.
Subsequently, the administrative director and production director respectively read out the 2022 management personnel appointment documents and the adjustment decisions of the production safety committee. They hope that all managers will conscientiously perform their job responsibilities with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and play the leading role of leading cadres in Lead the team to achieve better results in the new year.

At the beginning of the new year, all employees of NEP will embark on a new journey with greater energy and a more down-to-earth style, and strive to write a new chapter!


Post time: Jan-06-2022