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Wang Keying, former chairman of the Provincial CPPCC and other leaders visited NEP Pump Industry for inspection and guidance

On the morning of October 7, Wang Keying, the former chairman of the Hunan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and former political commissar and major general Xie Moqian of the Ministry of Public Security Fire Protection Bureau visited         our company for inspection and guidance. The company's chairman Geng Jizhong, general manager Zhou Hong, deputy general manager Geng Wei and others received the leaders.

Chairman Wang, General Xie and other leaders successively listened to the company's production and operation reports, and visited the company's industrial pump production workshop and Diwo Technology mobile emergency equipment production workshop. Geng Jizhong, the company's chairman, focused on the company's fire pumps and recently developed new products such as "large-flow amphibious emergency rescue pump truck", "ultra-low temperature pump" and "high-efficiency permanent magnet submersible sewage pump". Chairman Wang happily affirmed the achievements of the company's development and put forward guiding opinions. He hoped that the company would seriously summarize and consolidate the hard-won achievements, take steady steps, continue to innovate, add new elements, and produce high-quality, sophisticated, cutting-edge, and new products. , making new contributions to Hunan’s economy. General Xie spoke highly of the broad prospects of the products developed by our company in the fields of fire protection and emergency response, and hoped that enterprises in his hometown would provide more high-quality products and excellent services for the development of the national economy.

Post time: Oct-09-2020