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AM Magnetic Drive Pump

Short Description:

NEP’s Magnetic drive pump is a single stage single suction centrifugal pump with stainless steel in accordance with API685.

Operating Parameters

Capacity up to 400m³/h

Head up to 130m

Temperature -80℃ to +450℃

Maximum Pressure  up to 1.6Mpa

Application petrochemical,petroleum refining,steel,

chemical,power plants,food processing,pharmaceuticals

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This innovative solution is a safeguard against the escape of potentially hazardous substances, including toxic, explosive, high-temperature, high-pressure, and highly corrosive liquids. It serves as an environmentally preferable choice for numerous industries, offering a range of distinct advantages.

Key Characteristics:
Seal Integrity: The design of this solution is meticulously engineered to be completely leak-proof, eliminating the risk of any potential escape or leakage of the contained substances.

Modular and Maintenance-Friendly: The system is built with a simple and modular construction, facilitating ease of maintenance. This design approach ensures that any necessary maintenance tasks can be performed efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Enhanced Durability: The high-strength SSIC (Siliconized Silicon Carbide) bearing and stainless steel space sleeve ensure an extended lifecycle and, consequently, lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Handling Solid-Laden Liquids: This pump is capable of effectively handling liquids with up to 5% solid concentration and particles of up to 5mm in size, adding versatility to its applications.

Torsion-Resistant Magnetic Coupling: It incorporates a high-torsion magnetic coupling, a feature that enhances reliability and safety during operation.

Efficient Cooling: The system operates without the need for an external cooling circulation system, reducing energy consumption and ensuring efficiency.

Mounting Flexibility: It can be foot or centerline-mounted, providing adaptability to different installation scenarios.

Motor Connection Options: Users can opt for either a direct motor connection or coupling, allowing for customization to suit specific operational needs.

Stainless Steel Components: All components that come into contact with the handled liquids are constructed from stainless steel, ensuring resistance to corrosion and durability.

Explosion-Proof Capabilities: The system is designed to accommodate separated motors to meet explosion-proof requirements, enhancing safety in potentially hazardous environments.

This innovative solution represents a comprehensive answer to the challenges of containing and transferring hazardous substances. Its leak-proof design, modular construction, and versatility make it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of industries, from chemical and petrochemical to pharmaceutical and manufacturing, where safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility are paramount.



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