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NH Chemical Process Pump

Short Description:

The NH model represents an exceptional overhung pump, characterized by its single-stage, horizontal centrifugal design, meticulously crafted to adhere to the stringent standards of API610. This pump is engineered to excel in a diverse range of scenarios, making it a versatile choice for liquid transfer applications involving particles, a wide temperature spectrum, and a neutral or corrosive nature.

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Operating Parameters:
Capacity: The NH model pump boasts a remarkable capacity, reaching up to 2,600 cubic meters per hour. This extensive range ensures its ability to efficiently handle substantial liquid volumes across various industrial applications.

Head: With a head capacity extending to an impressive 300 meters, the NH model pump can elevate liquids to significant heights, demonstrating its adaptability in a variety of fluid transfer situations.

Temperature: The NH model is well-prepared for extreme temperature conditions, withstanding a temperature range spanning from a chilling -80°C to a scorching 450°C. This adaptability ensures its reliability in both low and high-temperature settings.
Maximum Pressure: With a maximum pressure capability of up to 5.0 megapascals (MPa), the NH model pump excels in managing applications that demand high-pressure performance.

Outlet Diameter: The outlet diameter of this pump can be adjusted, ranging from 25mm to 400mm, offering flexibility to suit a range of pipeline sizes and configurations.

The NH model pump finds its invaluable place across a multitude of applications, including but not limited to Particle-Laden Liquids, Temperature-Extreme Environments or Neutral and Corrosive Liquids



● Radially split casing with flange connections

● Energy conservation and operation costs reduction by high efficiency hydraulic design

● Enclosed impeller with high efficiency, low cavitation

● Oil lubricated

● Foot or centerline mounted

● Hydraulic balance design for steady performance curves


● All 316 stainless steel/304 stainless steel

● All duplex stainless steel

● Carbon steel/stainless steel

● Shaft with stainless steel /Monel 400/AISI4140 alloy steel available

● Different material recommendation as service of condition

Design feature

● Back pull out design makes maintenance easy and simple

● Single or double Mechanical seal ,or packing seal available

● Wear ring on impeller and casing

● Bearing housing with heat exchanger

● Pump cover with cooling or heating available


● Oil refining

● Chemical process

● Petrochemical industry

● Nuclear power plants

● General Industry

● Water treatment

● Thermal power plants

● Environmental protection

● Seawater desalination

● Heating &air conditioning system

● Pulp and paper



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