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Horizontal Split-Case Fire Pump

Short Description:

Every pump is subjected to a thorough inspection and a series of tests to ensure that it meets the required specifications before leaving the factory. NEP also designs Offshore Fire pump systems with CCS.

Operating Parameters

Capacity up to 3168m³/h

Head up to 140m

Application petrochemical,municipal,power stations,

manufacturing and chemical industries,onshore & offshore platforms ,steel & metallurgy

Product Detail

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Distinguishing Features:

Single Stage, Double Suction Design: This pump boasts a single-stage, double suction configuration, optimized for efficient liquid transfer.

Bidirectional Rotation: The option for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, as viewed from the coupling side, provides flexibility in installation and operation.

Multiple Starting Mechanisms: The pump can be initiated using a diesel engine or electrical power, allowing adaptability to various power sources.

Sealing Options: The standard sealing method is through packing, while the mechanical seal presents itself as an alternative for those seeking enhanced sealing performance.

Bearing Lubrication Choices: Users can opt for either grease or oil lubrication for the bearings, tailoring the pump to their specific lubrication preferences.

Complete Fire Pump Systems: Comprehensive fire pump systems, fully packaged and ready for deployment, are available to meet firefighting and safety requirements seamlessly.

Materials of Construction:

Duplex Stainless Steel: The materials primarily consist of robust duplex stainless steel, ensuring resilience and resistance to corrosion.

Variety of Materials: The pump casing and cover are crafted from ductile iron, while the impeller and seal ring are fabricated from stainless steel and bronze. The shaft and shaft sleeve can be constructed from either carbon steel or stainless steel. Additional material options are available upon request to meet unique specifications.

Design Features:

NFPA-20 Compliance: The design adheres to the stringent standards laid out by NFPA-20, ensuring that it complies with industry-recognized safety and performance regulations.

Customized Design Solutions: For specialized applications or distinct requirements, tailor-made design solutions can be crafted upon request, accommodating specific needs and challenges.

These features collectively render this pump an exceptional choice for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from industrial processes to fire protection systems. Its versatile design, material options, and compliance with industry standards make it a dependable solution for fluid transfer and fire safety needs, while the availability of custom design solutions ensures that it can be tailored to even the most unique and demanding scenarios.



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