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Vertical Fire Pump

Short Description:

Vertical Fire Pump from NEP are designed as NFPA 20.

Operating Parameters

Capacity up to 5000m³/h

Head up to 370m

Application petrochemical,municipal,power stations,

manufacturing and chemical industries,onshore & offshore platforms ,steel & metallurgy

Product Detail

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Salient Attributes:

Tailored for Head Requirements: The number of stages in this pump's design is meticulously adjusted based on the specific head requirements, ensuring optimal performance for diverse applications.

Efficient Enclosed Impellers: The pump incorporates enclosed impellers that are single-suction, enhancing efficiency and reliability in fluid transfer.

Electrical Starting: It is equipped with an electrical starting mechanism, simplifying the activation process and ensuring seamless functionality.

Comprehensive Fire Pump Systems: Fully packaged fire pump systems are available, providing an all-inclusive solution for fire safety needs.

Recommended Construction Materials: For optimal construction, the recommended materials include carbon steel or stainless steel for the shaft, discharge head, and bearing. The impeller is fashioned from bronze, enhancing its resistance to wear and corrosion.

Rigorous Testing Protocols: Performance and hydrostatic tests are conducted to guarantee the pump's adherence to the highest quality and safety standards.

Versatile Column Lengths: The column lengths are adaptable according to the specific requirements of the applications, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution.

Design Highlights:

NFPA-20 Compliance: The design strictly adheres to the NFPA-20 standards, underscoring its commitment to safety and performance in fire protection.

UL-448 and FM-1312 Certified: Certified under UL-448 and FM-1312, this pump is recognized for its reliability and ability to meet stringent industry requirements.

ASME B16.5 RF Discharge Flange: The pump is equipped with an ASME B16.5 RF discharge flange, ensuring compatibility and integrity in fluid transfer operations.

Custom Design Options: Tailored to meet unique and specific needs, special design configurations are available upon request, ensuring adaptability to a variety of scenarios.

Material Versatility: The flexibility to use other materials upon request enables the pump to be further customized, depending on the demands of the application.

In addition, NEP specializes in the design of offshore fire pump systems with CCS certification, offering a robust and certified solution for maritime environments. These attributes collectively position this pump as an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of applications, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and versatility.



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