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NDX Multiphase Pump

Short Description:

The NXD Multiphase pump is an extraordinary multistage centrifugal pump that is widely acclaimed for its remarkable capacity to handle mixtures of liquid and gas. It excels even in situations where temperatures are below 100°C and impurity levels are limited to 5 grams per liter. The unparalleled versatility of the NXD pump makes it the preferred option for a variety of challenging applications.

Operating Parameters:

Capacity up to 80m³/h

Head up to 90m

Temperature -40℃ to 100℃

Speed 2950r/min

Design Pressure 1.6Mpa

Inlet Diameter 40 to 100mm

Product Detail

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The NXD Multiphase pump stands out as a versatile solution catering to an extensive range of applications owing to its distinctive capabilities. Renowned for its exceptional attributes, this pump emerges as the preferred choice for industries dealing with the intricate transfer of liquid-gas mixtures, a common challenge encountered in sectors such as oil and gas production, chemical processes, and beyond. Its adaptability and high-performance features position it as an indispensable tool for meeting diverse fluid transfer requirements. In the realm of oil and gas, the NXD Multiphase pump plays a pivotal role, seamlessly handling the complexities associated with multiphase fluid dynamics. Its precision and reliability make it a cornerstone in applications where efficiency and accuracy are of paramount importance, ensuring optimal performance across a spectrum of industrial processes.



● Open impeller with special design,ensure the stability and reliability of liquid-gas mixtures transporting

● Simple construction, ease maintenance

● Cast base with high precision, good vibration absorption

● Mechanical seal

● Double bearing construction, long service life with self-lubrication

● Clockwise rotation over viewed from the coupling end

● Gas dissolution create micro vesicle with diameter less than 30μm and highly dispersed and well distributed

●Diaphragm coupling with good alignment

Design Feature

● Horizontal and modular design

● High efficiency design

● Gas content up to 30%

● Dissolution rate up to 100%


● Casing and shaft with 304 stainless steel, impeller with cast copper alloy

● Material as customer’s requirement available


● Dissolved air floating system

● Crude oil extraction

● Waste oil treatment

● Oil and liquid separation

● Solution gas

● Purification or Waste water recycling

● Neutralization

● Rust removing

● Sewage denitration

●Carbon dioxide washing

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