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Vertical Sump Pump

Short Description:

These specialized pumps serve the crucial role of transferring various types of fluids, ranging from clean or mildly contaminated liquids to fibrous slurries and those laden with sizable solid particles. Notably, these pumps are characterized as partial submersible, featuring a non-clogging design, which is pivotal in ensuring their seamless operation across a diverse range of applications.

Operating Parameters:

Capacity: These pumps exhibit an impressive capacity, capable of handling fluid volumes of up to 270 cubic meters per hour. This wide-ranging capacity ensures their efficiency in managing different liquid quantities, from modest to substantial.

Head: With a head capacity reaching up to 54 meters, these pumps excel in elevating fluids to varying heights, offering flexibility for a multitude of fluid transfer scenarios.

Product Detail

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These remarkable pumps find their indispensable place across a diverse array of applications, including but not limited to:
Sewage Treatment / Utility Services / Mining Drainage / Petrochemical Industry / Flood Control / Industrial Pollution Control

The unique combination of non-clogging design, substantial capacity, and adaptability to various fluid types makes these pumps a reliable choice for industries with a wide spectrum of fluid transfer requirements. They are versatile and efficient, ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted movement of fluids in critical applications.


The LXW model, available in 18 different sizes, is a sump pump with a semi-open impeller. It can expand the performance with reduction of speed and impeller cutting.


● Impeller with Semi open spiral design creates high efficiencies, minimizing the power consumption, eliminating all clogging risks

● Minimum maintenance, only need bearing lubrication

● All wetted parts with corrosion resistance alloy

● Wide runner makes the water with large solids pass unobstructed

● No bearing under foundation for reliable operation and reduced costs

● Automatic control system available

Service condition

● Cast iron casing for water PH 5~9

● Stainless steel for the water with corrosive, duplex stainless steel for the water with abrasive particle

● Without external water lubricated under the temperature 80℃



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