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Vertical Mixed Flow Pump

Short Description:

A vertical mixed flow pump belongs to the vane pump category, offering a unique blend of characteristics found in both centrifugal and axial flow pumps. It operates by harnessing the joint forces of centrifugal power and thrust generated through the impeller’s rotation. Notably, the liquid exits the impeller at an inclined angle relative to the pump’s axis.

Operating Specifications:

Flow Rate: 600 to 70,000 cubic meters per hour

Head: 4 to 70 meters


Petrochemical and Chemical Industry / Power Generation / Steel and Iron Industry / Water Treatment and Distribution / Mining / Municipal Use

Product Detail

Product Tags



● Mixed flow impeller

● Single or multistage impeller

● Packed Stuffing box for axial sealing

● Clockwise rotation viewed from coupling end or counter clockwise as requirement

● Outlet diameter under 1000mm with non-pull out rotor, above 1000mm with pull out rotor to ease dismantling and maintenance

● Closed ,semi open or open impeller as the condition of service

● Pump’s length adjustment under foundation as requirement

● Starting without vacuumizing for long service life

● Space saving with vertical construction

Design feature

● Axial thrust supporting in pump or motor

● Above or below ground discharge installation

● External lubrication or self –lubricated

● Shaft connection with sleeve coupling or HLAF coupling

● Dry pit or wet pit installation

● Bearing provide with rubber,teflon or thordon

● High efficiency design for operation cost reduction



● Rubber as standard

● Thordon,graphite,bronze and ceramic available

Discharge Elbow:

● Carbon steel with Q235-A

● Stainless steel available as different media


● Cast iron Bowl

● Cast steel,304stainless steel impeller available

Sealing ring:

● Cast iron,cast steel,stainless

Shaft & Shaft Sleeve

● 304 SS/316 or duplex stainless steel


● Cast steel Q235B

● Stainless as optional

Optional materials available on request, cast iron only for closed impeller

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