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Vertical Condensate Pump

Short Description:

The TD series represents a state-of-the-art vertical multistage condensate pump, specifically designed with a barrel configuration. It serves the critical function of managing condensate water removal from the condenser, primarily in power plants and any other application where a low net positive suction head (NPSH) is required. This pump excels in handling this challenging task efficiently and reliably.

Operating Parameters:

Capacity: The TD series excels with a capacity spanning from 160 to a substantial 2,000 cubic meters per hour. This broad range of capacity ensures it can effectively handle various condensate water volumes in demanding industrial settings.

Head: With a head capacity ranging from 40 meters to an impressive 380 meters, the TD series pump is well-equipped to elevate condensate water to varying heights, providing flexibility in its application.

Product Detail

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The TD series pump finds its indispensable place in a range of critical applications, including:
Thermal Power Plants / Nuclear Power Plants / Industrial Power Plants

The TD series condensate pump's advanced design, impressive capacity, and capability to operate with low NPSH make it an ideal choice for applications where the efficient handling of condensate water is of paramount importance, ensuring the seamless operation of power generation and industrial processes.


As the different capacity and suction condition, the first impeller is double suction with radial diffuser or spiral available, next impeller can be single suction with radial diffuser or space diffuser.


● Enclosed double suction construction for first stage, fine cavitation performance

● Negative pressure sealing structure with barrel

● High efficiency with stable and gentle performance curve variation

● High operation reliability, ease to maintenance

● Counter clockwise rotation over viewed from coupling end

● Axial sealing with packing seal as standard, mechanical seal available

● Axial thrust bearing in pump or in motor

● Copper alloy sliding bearing, self-lubricated

● Condenser connect with discharge bend pipe by balance interface

● Plastic coupling for pump and motor connection

● Single foundation installation


● Outer barrel with stainless steel

● Impeller with cast stainless steel

● Shaft with 45 steel or 2cr13

● Casing with ductile cast iron

● Other material on customer request is available


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